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Do you want to learn more about Remote and Offshore Medicine but not able to commit to the Diploma or Certificate? Or are you keen to study on the programme but don't yet have enough work experience in the field to meet the entry criteria?

All the Remote and Offshore Medicine modules are now available to take as standalone CPD modules, giving you the opportunity to study alongside the Certificate and Diploma students on a per module basis. CPD students can gain a CPD certificate, or use their modules as a pathway to the Certificate/Diploma level of study (conditions apply, see below).

CPD Study

CPD students study alongside our Diploma and Certificate students, undertaking the same work and assessments to the same deadlines. This provides a great opportunity to join an online community of professionals working in the field.


These modules are open to everyone who has a relevant health professional qualification. You do not need as much work experience in the field as the Diploma/Certificate students in order to apply. Full details of entry requirements can be found here.

Intakes and Fees

There are two intakes each year in March and September. Fees are charged on a per-module basis, current fees can be found here. To make an application visit our applications site.

CPD Modules

We strongly recommend that all CPD students begin their studies with Module C01 as this provides an overview of Remote and Offshore Medicine and gives you free access to the Induction Module. The Induction Module is launched a week prior to C01 and provides students with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Thereafter you can take any subsequent modules in any order you like, subject to availability.

March / September
January / June

Although we strongly recommend starting your study with Module C01 for the reasons above, you may choose to study one of the other CPD modules available in March or September. It is not possible to begin your studies with any of the January or June modules.

Pathway to the Diploma/Certificate Level of Study

If you are unable to commit to the full Diploma/Certificate in the first instance we provide the option for converting some CPD modules to these study levels. You may count two CPD modules toward the Certificate, and four towards the Diploma. Please also note that only one 'Optional Module' can be used towards the certificate, or two towards the Diploma, so you need to bear this in mind when selecting CPD modules. 

Modules accumulated via CPD can be used towards the Certificate/Diploma as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You must meet the Certificate/Diploma entry criteria in full.
  • Module C01 must be taken in the first instance.
  • There must be suffiencient time from your start date to complete the remaining modules within the required timeframes - 5 years for the Diploma, 3 years for the Certificate. Start date is set from when you take your first CPD module.

Any modules completed over and above the numbers noted above cannot be credited so it is strongly recommended that you reassess your options when you reach the cut off points and contact us to discuss it further.

DDRC Healthcare CPD Modulesundefined

We partner with DDRC Healthcare to provide access to the Dive Medicine module for their students as a prerequisite to attending their face to face course. You can read more about this here.

If you would like any further information please write to us at

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