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Students will be given the opportunity to act as expert patients for the Objective Structured Practical Examinations (OSPEs). Roles within this will vary, but it is hoped to add a more realistic portrayal of scenarios. The Fellowship in Immediate Medical Care (FIMC) examinations will consist of more complex scenarios and likely to require a student within the clinical years of their degree programme.

Note - Due to the high level of interest from students elsewhere in the UK, we can advise that if you wish to attend, but are not based in Scotland then the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care will reimburse up to £50 towards your travel expenses which is the agreed maximum allowance for the Scottish Medical Students. Accommodation will be provided (pre-booked) by the Faculty in twin share rooms.

It is very important to note that if you are selected to help support the exams diet that you do try very hard to honour this commitment.

Please ensure you have authorisation from your university to attend the examinations before committing. In order to assist you with organising time off with your university, the faculty would be happy to provide a letter of support if required.


Note: In the event of the pandemic we cannot exclude the possibility of the exams being cancelled at short notice - we will however inform you of this as quickly as we can.

CPD Event

As a thank you for your participation, there will be a CPD event offered to student supporters during the week. This topic will be chosen by discussion between the students and Exams Convenor to ensure it is as relevant and informative as possible.

About the Exams

Diploma in Immediate Medical Care (DIMC)

The examination for the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care (DIMC) is designed to test the knowledge, skills and behaviours of pre-hospital emergency care practitioners. The level of performance expected is that commensurate with level 5 on in the Skills for Health Career Framework. There is a focus within this examination on timely recognition, diagnosis and management of conditions and situations in the pre-hospital environment rather than on the use of facilities for investigation and treatment that may be available predominantly within a hospital. This examination includes prehospital emergency care for all patient age groups from neonates to the very elderly.

Fellowship in Immediate Medical Care (FIMC)

The Fellowship in Immediate Medical Care (FIMC) is the highest level of formal qualification available for pre-hospital practitioners. It has been extensively re-designed to meet the needs of the new medical sub-specialty of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and the wider range of established and experienced pre-hospital practitioners. There are two parallel sets of FIMC eligibility requirements: one for trainees completing approved sub-specialty training programmes in Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) and one for doctors, nurses and paramedics who have undertaken alternative forms of prehospital care training.

Please note:

Being a Supporter on any of the FPHC examinations (currently DIMC, FIMC, DRTM, DUMC) prevents them sitting the same examination for a minimum period of 3 years from their last involvement. We welcome students from paramedic, nursing and medical backgrounds. Although please note that for doctors, we only accept volunteers up to the level of Foundation Year 2.

This is an exciting opportunity to gain insight in to what is expected of you in the future should you choose to pursue this as your chosen career and on behalf of myself and the FPHC, will look forward to welcoming you to the examinations.

Sophie Riley

Junior Examinations Officer

Faculty of Prehospital Care


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