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Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine


The Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine (DRTM) examination focuses mainly on the retrieval of patients from one health care facility to another. Candidates will be expected to be competent in the assessment, management, triage and transfer of adult patients with a range of illnesses and injuries. A knowledge and understanding of retrieval co-ordination and a variety of land and air transport platforms will also be expected. An extensive syllabus covers all domains of this examination against which individual examination diets are blueprinted, ensuring that the whole breadth of the subject matter is represented in the diploma

The examination will focus predominantly on the retrieval of adult patients. Questions regarding the retrieval of paediatric patients will however be included. The examination will not deal with the retrieval of neonatal patients. 

 Exam Details

Exam Dates:  April 2024

  • SBA - Monday, 29 April 2024
  • OSPE's - Tuesday, 30 April 2024
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Exam Webpage: Click Here


2024 29th-30th April
2025 28th-29th April
2026 27th-28th April
2027 26th-27th April
2028 24th-25th April



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