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Faculty Pre-Hospital Care Examinations Committee

The pre-hospital examination committee of the RCSEd incorporates the assessment committee of the IBTPHEM. The committee meets twice per year (January and July) and ensures governance overview of the provision of national pre-hospital exams. The committee is chaired by the Convener of pre-hospital exams and has clinical and administrative representation. The pre-hospital care examinations committee reports to the Faculty of Pre-Hospital care advisory group, the IBTPHEM and the RCSEd examinations committee.

The administrator for the DIMC and FIMC examinations is Theo Theologidis. Theo is contactable on:

The Convener of pre-hospital exams and chair of the IBTPHEM assessment committee is Dr Laura Bland. Laura is contactable on:



Dr. Laura Bland, Chair

Dr. Pam Hardy

Dr Peter Holden

Mr. Chris Shaw

Dr. Neil Hughes

Mr. Mike Jackson

Dr. Matt Thomas

Dr. Louisa Chan

Dr. Roderick Mackenzie

Mr. Neil Sinclair

Mr. David Whitmore

Dr Jon Birks

Dr Phil Hyde


Training & Standards Committee

The main functions and responsibilities of the Training & Standards Committee are to:

  •   review and endorse where possible applications relating to pre-hospital care external courses;
  •   maintain Faculty standards in the delivery of courses;
  •   oversee the issuing of certificates for Faculty endorsed courses and manage commercial contracts.

There are three levels of support/endorsement: 

  • Support Training: the FPHC support the concept and endeavours of a course. The FPHC RCSEd is pleased to support the endeavours in Prehospital training of this organisation.
  • FPHC endorse the course content.
  • FPHC endorse the course content and delivery.



Dr David Bruce, Chair

Mr. David Whitmore, Vice Chair

Dr Andy Smith

Dr John Hall

Dr Peter Holden

Mr Andy Smith

Mr. Paul Atkin-Fell

Dr. Dane Goodsman

Mr. David Whitmore

Mr Tony Kemp

Dr Rob Russell

Mr Andrew Smith

Dr Duncan Tripp


Clinical Standards Committee

The Committee ensures the Faculty is kept clinically current. This is achieved by:

  • reviewing and updating the core material manual
  • producing robust and evidence-based clinical guidance in the form of Consensus Statements, Position statements and Signposting to Best practice documents
  • engaging with outside agencies in order to provide a single Faculty response to Clinical questions.



Dr. Andy Thurgood, Chair

Prof. Sir. Keith Porter

Mr. Nigel Hinson

Dr. Lorraine Greasley

Dr. Emir Battaloglu

Mr. Phil Keating

Mr. Kevin Johnston

Dr. Damian Keene


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