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2023 Faculty of Pre Hospital Care Conference



The 2023 Conference was a resounding success, drawing an enthusiastic and diverse audience of practitioners spanning the pre-hospital care spectrum. First aiders, paramedics, doctors, nurses, students, first responders, voluntary aid workers, and remote medics all converged at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in November 2023.

Delegates have given a great insight into what they took from the conference.

Jean Cragg, a paramedic with 43 years of experience, highlights her ongoing involvement in the field, including volunteering with GoodSAM. Reflecting on the FPHC conference, Jean expressed enthusiasm about the diverse topics relevant to her practice and the potential for positive change: ‘there are so many different topics which relate to what I do, how I can potentially change my practice’. She particularly emphasised the impact of a talk on the Manchester Arena inquiry, noting the concerning lack of learning from past incidents: ‘One of the things particularly stood out today was one of the talks about the Manchester Arena inquiry and it also focused on major incidents in general. And the sad fact that we don’t seem to be learning from previous experiences. The good thing is though, a lot of research is going on to show us how we can improve, and I think that’s beneficial because none of us know whether we’re going to be going to a major incident… It’s just great to be part of that new learning process so I thoroughly enjoyed that’.

The recently launched Diploma in Major Incident Management directly demonstrates the Faculties commitment to these improvements.  

Jenny Mullen, an anaesthetic registrar in Sheffield with a specialisation in mountain rescue attended the conference to stay updated on contemporary developments in various aspects of Pre-Hospital care: ‘so I came here to pick up some up-to-date things and some interesting areas that are going on in other aspects of Pre-Hospital care to see how they relate to our bit’. When asked about conference takeaways for her workplace, Jenny says: ‘It’s very interesting thing about the differences between the urban and rural and the way we talk about that in terms of how that changes the availability of resources and things. The insight into use of drones has been quite interesting from that perspective”.

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