The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

Accreditation Application

Please complete and return the attached application form as outlined in the Faculty Accreditation Regulations. You are strongly advised to read all of the Application Information prior to submitting your application. 

Guidance for Applicants with GMC Sub-Specialty Registration

Practitioners who have completed the National PHEM Training Scheme and have GMC Sub-Specialty Registration, and who are Elected Fellows of the Faculty in good standing are not required to complete the Faculty Accreditation Application form. Instead they should apply to upgrade their Faculty Membership to Level 8. This can be done by completing the online Membership application form there is no increase or additional Membership fee to pay for Fellows currently at level 7. (Increased fees will apply for Members currently below level 7, current fees can be found here.)

Once the Fellow Level 8 status has been confirmed, practitioners can then submit a request to be added to the register to  They must provide evidence that they are on the GMC sub-specialty register by providing their GMC number. 

Please Note: Faculty Accreditation does not automatically mean that Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine will be added as an approved sub-specialty on the GMC Register. This is a separate application process (see that would be supported by Faculty Accreditation.



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