The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

Elective in Pre-Hospital Care



A Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh facilitated Elective in Pre-Hospital Care

What you can expect from this elective placement:

  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to gain insight into a rapidly evolving speciality by experiencing many aspects of Pre-Hospital Care 
  • There are many components that will make up your elective timetable:
    • Shifts with the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust in their Double Crew Ambulances and Rapid Response Vehicles.
    • Time with Advanced Paramedic Practitioners of different types.
    • Time spent with the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) paramedics.
    • Operational Management Experience and time in Control Centres.
    • Probably some spent with Police Firearms units, Fire Service and other units acting as an expert patient or instructor depending on your skill set.
    • Opportunities to teach and instruct on skills or trauma assessments.
    • Time spent in the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care in Edinburgh, with the chance to assist in the FIMC and DIMC examinations.
    • Observer shifts with local Pre-Hospital Responders and Care Delivery Systems.
  • Experience of a Major Trauma Centre and the teams that work within it. 
  • There will be the opportunity to undertake the FPHC Pre-Hospital Trauma Course either before or after the elective placement depending on your availability.
  • There may be opportunities for you to carry out an audit whilst on your elective placement

What will be expected of you:

  • Based in London so your own transport may not be essential.
  • To put in the time and effort organising the schedule for your elective once you have been given the appropriate contacts.
  • To be enthusiastic and interested in the activities you undertake.
  • To be well prepared for sessions you will be teaching or instructing.
  • Many individuals will have put a large amount of time and effort into ensuring your elective placement is possible, so you must be punctual and turn up to EVERY shift you have organised appropriately kitted out – you will be given help with kit.
  • This elective placement relies upon your predecessor having made a good impression to allow the elective placements to continue, make sure you do not jeopardise this opportunity for the next student.

How to Apply for this Elective:

  • In 200 words or less explain why you would like to undertake this elective and what skills you can offer.
  • You should – in 100 words or less – explain the difficulties of providing a 24 hour PHEM service in a city such as London.
  • In 200 words or less write a trauma moulage (training) scenario you would feel comfortable instructing.

Any applications exceeding the maximum word count in any section will immediately be disregarded – the word count applies to the body of each section including any headings.

If you are successful in this part of the application process you will receive a phone call from someone associated with the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, who will conduct a short interview with you to assess if you are an enthusiastic individual who will be suited to this exciting elective opportunity.

This is a competitive process – the final decision will be made by a panel comprising previous successful elective students, an FPHC Executive Officer, the Chair of the FPHC Student Committee Executive and a Senior Member of this year’s elective placement organisation with whom this elective is undertaken.

The elective will last for 4 to 6 consecutive weeks usually in June/July 2017 which must include the week of 9-13 July 2017 which will be spent at the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care in Edinburgh. Alternative dates for the main body of the elective will be possible but only on the strict understanding that the Faculty week in Edinburgh from 9-13 July MUST be undertaken as well. Failure to do this will lead to a report sent to your medical school.

Please send your completed application electronically to to be received by 1300 on Wednesday 29 November 2017. Please attach evidence that you are currently a student at a UK medical school and are eligible to undertake the elective if you are successful.

The decision will be made and the successful applicant notified no later than Friday 15 December.



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