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Medical training for police officers in specialist role (D13)


Medical training for police officers in specialist role (D13): A retrospective review of patient report forms from 2010–2015

FL Hartley 1, A Howells 2, A Thurgood 3, FJ Hall 4 and KM Porter 5 

Published in
DOI: 10.1177/1460408617707548


Introduction: D13 is a nationally agreed bespoke medical training package for specialist firearms police officers introduced in 2010. Patient report forms are completed after every episode of care provision.

Methods: A review of patient report forms submitted by police firearms officers in five regions of England over the five years since the introduction of D13.

Results: Officers attended a large range of incidents, both traumatic and medical, minor and life critical. The majority (69.5%) were responded to as part of a normal police response, while 30.5% of cases were due to primary firearm deployments. Catastrophic haemorrhage was dealt with in 8.1% of cases including the use of haemostatic dressings and tourniquet application. Airway interventions were required in 36.1% of patients and 50.4% required interventions for external bleeding.

Discussion: From a background of a minimum of 18 h for Standard and 24 h for Enhanced courses and with regular simulation refreshers, specialist police officers, who are part of a robust clinical governance process, play an important role in providing immediate medical care in non-permissive or dangerous environments where ambulance personnel will not be present and when the officers are frequently first on scene.


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