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Do you want to learn more about Remote and Offshore Medicine but not able to commit to the Diploma or Certificate? Or are you keen to study on the programme but don't yet have enough work experience in the field to meet the entry criteria? Well we may have a solution for you!

Due to popular demand we have made individual modules available from our Remote and Offshore Medicine programme as standalone CPDs each worth 100 hours of study.

These modules are open to everyone who has a relevant health professional qualification. You need this as a basic entry requirement in order to be able to follow the study materials. Students signing up for the CPD modules are taught by the ROM Tutors and study alongside our Diploma and Certificate students, undertaking the same work and assessments to the same deadlines. This provides a great opportunity to join an online community of professionals working in the field.

There are two entry points each year to sign up for CPD, March and September at which time it is strongly recommended that you start with Module C01 as this provides an overview of Remote and Offshore Medicine. Free access is also given to the Induction Module which launches a week prior to C01 and provides students with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Thereafter you can take any subsequent modules in any order you like, subject to availability. See timetable below:

March / September

  • Induction Module (free module linked to C01)
  • C01 - Health and Wellbeing of the Remote Worker (recommended first module)
  • C02 - Occupational Health in the Remote Setting
  • C04 - Telemedicine
  • C05 - Dive Medicine
  • C08 - Trauma and Medical Emergencies
  • O01 - Tactical Medicine
  • O02 - Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

January / June

  • C03 - Communication in the Clinical Consultation
  • C06 - Tropical Medicine
  • C07 - Aeromedicine
  • C09 - Incident and Response Planning
  • C10 - Evidence and Research in Remote Medicine
  • O03 - Learning and Teaching
  • O04 - Humanitarian and Disaster Medicine



When can I start studying for my CPD?

The CPD programme has two intakes each year in March and September.

How much does it cost?

Each CPD module currently costs £544 (for calendar year 2017). Fees are subject to annual review.

How do I apply?

You can apply online now for the next available run of Module C01 which normally runs each March and September. Thereafter you can take subsequent modules as they are available, the e-Learning Programme Administrator will liaise with you regarding the timetabling of these during the course of your studies.

Online Application

Can I choose which module I study?

We strongly recommend that all CPD students begin their studies with Module C01 as this provides an overview of Remote and Offshore Medicine and gives you free access to the Induction Module. The Induction Module is launched a week prior to C01 and provides students with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  Thereafter you can take any subsequent modules in any order you like, subject to availability (Timetable above).

I only want to study one CPD module, is Module C01 compulsory?

Although we strongly recommend starting your study with Module C01 for all the reasons above you may choose to study one of the other CPD modules available in March or September. It is not possible to begin your studies with any of the January or June modules.

Do the CPD's count towards the Diploma?

Yes and no. If you meet the entry criteria for the Certificate or Diploma then you may count up to a maximum of 2 or 4 modules respectively towards these qualifications. Any modules completed over and above this as CPD cannot be credited so it is strongly recommended that you reassess your options when you reach this cut off point and contact us to discuss it further.

Does it matter which Modules I take if I apply for the Diploma?

Yes, we can only accept a maximum of 1 or 2 optional modules towards entry into the Certificate or Diploma programme respectively so you need to make sure that you select your modules appropriately if you want them all to count. You should also take Module C01 in the first instance.

I want to study the Dive Medicine Module as a prerequisite to attending a DDRC course, what are my options?

We partner with the Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC) to provide access to the Dive Medicine module for their students as a prerequisite to attending their face to face course. This is run in parallel with our Remote and Offshore Medicine and CPD programmes. There are two routes available for students interested in attending the DDRC Dive Medicine course.

  1. Those only wishing to study the Dive Medicine Module just to meet DDRC acceptance conditions and gain CPD for their work. (Entry points 4 times a year)
    (Apply directly via DDRC at
  2. Those who also wish to use the credits for the Dive Medicine Module towards a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma qualification or who potentially wish to do this in the future.
    (Apply directly to RCSEd, a non-refundable admin fee applies.  Entry points twice a year)

Please see the DDRC Dive Medicine Application Process flowchart to make sure you apply through the correct channel for the mode of study you are interested in.

I’ve completed the Dive Medicine Module via DDRC, can I upgrade to study the postgraduate programme?

No, if you are potentially interested in studying for the RCSEd Certificate or Diploma you should apply directly to RCSEd. There are three study options available to students who study via the College.

  1. CPD which can be used towards a Remote and Offshore Medicine postgraduate qualification (other entry criteria apply).
  2. Postgraduate Certificate
  3. Postgraduate Diploma


I need more information?

Full details of the content of the ROM modules are available from the ROM web pages. We also have a range of FAQs relating to the ROM programme that you may find helpful or you can contact


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