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Faculty Endorsed Documents

Title Authors Date
Administration of Methoxyflurane (Penthrox™) as a Pre-Hospital Analgesic by Specialist Police Officers; A Retrospective Audit of Patient Report Forms. Maggie Franklin, Dr Jane Elford, Dr J Hall MBE, Prof. Sir K Porter August 2020
Clinical Skills for Police Officers in Specialist Role: An Audit of Patient Report Forms in 2019 Dr Jane Elford, Miss Maggie Franklin, Miss Amy Elford, Dr J Hall MBE, Prof. Sir K Porter July 2020
Retrospective Audit of Patient Report Forms (PRFs) from semi rural specialist police firearms units January to December 2017 P. Rhimes, S. Williams, J. Hall, K. Porter May 2020
Peer Support for front line workers during the COVID pandemic R. Williams, V. Kemp, S. Stokes, D. Lockey May 2020
Geo-temporal provision of pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia by UK Helicopter Emergency Medical Services: an observational cohort study S. Bourn, J. Turner, J. Raitt, H. Tucker, PHOTON (Pre-HOspital Trainee Operated research Network) May 2020

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CitizenAID is part of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity, Birmingham. Their website outlines their aims: 

"citizenAID™ is the initiative of four deeply experienced UK civilian and military clinicians working in collaboration with industry to improve public resilience.

When there is a shooting, stabbing or bomb explosion the initial priority will be public safety. This can delay the time before the emergency services are able to reach the injured. citizenAID™ enables the general public to be effective in these situations before the emergency services are available to provide professional medical support."

David Lockey, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care Chairman stated, "The Faculty are very supportive of the concept and aims of CitizenAID."


The citizenAID App can be downloaded free from either Google Play, Apple App or the Windows store. 

Endorsed Courses

As well as supporting the activities and resources above, the Faculty also have a robust Endorsement process that external pre-hospital care course providers and organisations can apply for. Full details are available here.

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