The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

Learning Outcomes

Students awarded the Certificate/Diploma should be able to meet the following learning outcomes: 

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Manage the specific illnesses and diseases that are likely to occur in the mountain environment
  • Explain the physiological changes that occur on travelling to altitude
  • Explain the physiological changes associated with exercise at altitude and contrast these with the effects of exercise at sea level
  • Summarise the environmental factors that may lead to illness or injury in the mountain
  • Explain the pathogenesis and management of injuries that occur during a journey to the mountain environment
  • Be able to give advice and manage aspects of travel medicine that are important to mountain travel

Intellectual Skills

  • Apply knowledge/information to new clinical settings

Professional/Subject-Specific/Practical Skills

  • Apply the principles learned to daily professional activities using an evidence based approach
  • Be proficient in the practical skills of mountaineering and mountain leadership, in particular mountain route finding, navigation skills etc to the level outlined in “Mountaincraft and Leadership”. UK Mountain Training Boards
  • Be proficient in the practical skills of survival and mountain rescue
  • Manage clinical scenarios remotely and in the field

Transferable Skills

  • Able to present clinical cases in a succinct and lucid manner
  • Utilise Information technology to support remote diagnosis, collate information to support management and to promote CPD in mountain medicine

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